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Only three times in our eighteen year history have we selected a “Charlie’s Reserve” designation. You see, this is a wine I know will carry and improve until my grandson Charlie can legally drink it! (He’s just 19).
$60.00 per Bottle
Rosemary's Baby! This rich ripe beauty displays a veritable check list of positives for the avid Cabernet drinker. We can’t say enough...Hey you, Cab fan, try this!
$72.00 per Bottle
Aromatic, with succulent aromas of ripe apples overlain with French oak. This big bodied wine lives up to the winemaking theory we subscribe to…fruit-to-acid-to-alcohol…all in delightful balance
$32.00 per Bottle
This is old vine Merlot. Don‘t give me that “I don’t drink Merlot” jive until you have tasted this one. Muscular and impressively concentrated, even if you (like us) love the movie “Sideways”, push aside the Pinot Noir, Miles, and
get real serious with this Merlot.
$34.00 per Bottle
When we taste wine before release, the staff adds their flavor ‘observations’ to ours and that’s how we put together the written taste profile. Accolades for this one are intense, mouth filling, rich, silky, chocolate & vanilla spice, supple. Oh heck, just try it...sells out fast!
$41.00 per Bottle
If you don’t taste this traditional Bordeaux varietal, OK with us...we’ll drink it! Dark, rich and spicy. Phenomenal!
Maximum purchase is 6 bottles.
$48.00 per Bottle
An elegant example of the famous Bugundian varietal. Joe Valera farms this famous vineyard block. Rich, Ripe and Ready!
$32.00 per Bottle
Burgundian barrels (pièce) aged this beautiful wine. Careful barrel selection assures a minimal oak flavor component and a super smooth finish. A staff favorite.
$28.00 per Bottle
Our finest Rosé , ever!
This is the real deal.
Very limited quantity.
$27.00 per Bottle
Very nice, very spicy, approaches the wines of Tuscany with its well integrated fruit to tannin to alcohol and an overwhelming desire to have a red-sauced pasta.
$29.00 per Bottle
Black plum, blackberries, red licorice, raspberries and lavender make for this delightful glass of red. Age-worthy or consume now!
$40.00 per Bottle
Boy, can he pick’em—not only the grapes but, the vineyard land he purchases. This big ‘ol high extraction Zin just knocks us out...not literally but, oh, my, what a mouthful. Extremely limited quantities.
$40.00 per Bottle